Would you make dating a priority in your life? Should I?

I had an interesting conversation with a guy friend a while back, it was about what we want in our futures. And well what I want is family. Being married and have kids and enough money to live well. He asked about my career and I don't have concrete plans for it. It's not that important to me as long as there is enough money.

And he said he thought it was funny that I don't consider my career a priority but you know I got to college, work hard classes and all that stuff, while do consider finding the right guy a priority and I don't put as much effort into that.
And ya I mean he IS right. I just never thought of it like that. Everyone always tells you, you should be content just by yourself, making finding a guy a priority in my life feels kinda wrong, you know?

Is that people do though? Or would you recommend doing it?
It's just also hard to find a balance, I have to work and I have a job for after college and it's a normal 8 hours every day. How would you make dating a priority, when you spend most of your time at work?


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  • First of all, your wish for your future to have a family is the cutest! And I absolutely admire you for that, very. Your choice deserves respect and high regard, and should never be found funny as what your guy friend did, it was not right. If this is really your goal, then prioritize finding the right guy to spend all your life and have family with. But don't bring it up early in the relationship as most guys easily get stressed out when girls talk so much of the future, but it does not mean they don't want, just not too early please. But I suggest give time also for your career, you need to earn an income for yourself and possibly for your future family to make things easier. Be on work but be open for genuine opportunity (good guys) when it comes. Also be careful, I don't want a sweet girl like you get hurt by some bad guy. >:(

    • thanks

      And he didn't say that my wish was funny, he said it was funny I didn't spend much time achieving it

      Well I am always open for opportunities, they just don't really come around at all, which is why I was wondering a lot about what he said

    • I don't want to make you conclude it, but it is very difficult to balance work and family. Some do it but it is stressful. I want to make this short, don't give up your dream, there are thousands of ways how to make it happen. Think. But be open to changes...

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  • you should treat it the way a lot of people who work full-time do - spend the weekends for fun. that's where you'll make meeting guys a priority. even if you work 8 hours, you'll still have the evening. however, if you're burnt out or must study afterward even on a weekend, then i can see how meeting someone could be hard. in that case you'll have to re-prioritize or use those little slivers of time when you are free to meet someone.


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  • ... No I dont. The work is usually not worth the reward.

  • You study a lot and work hard? Damn, I'm your guy, stop looking! :P

    Seriously, though, you should keep your priorities where they are.

    • well I don't think it's a lot, but appearently he does. I don't think I choose a hard subject for myself, but for others it is maybe

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