Should I close up entirely and not let any girls have access to my heart?

I am sick, tired and so fed up with my heart being played with and abused by girls. Should I close up as a person entirly towards girls and not give girls any access to my heart. I am not trying to be offensive in anyway I just want advice. I just do not know how much more of this shit I can take. 😞😞😞


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  • You seem really broken-hearted, man! If this has happened recently, you will need some good months to heal.

    After my last dating experience- one year ago- I have been so upset that I avoided guys because I wanted to spare myself bad things. I am still reluctant to date.


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  • Well why do you put your all into one person in the first place you should just let them fall in love with you first and have them check if the water is okay before going in the water yourself

    • I don't really but I just start to get to know a girl and then she shows her true colours so I have to send her packing.

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