Guys, is he given up the chase, not interested anymore or what?

he's a great guy, im really into him but he lives in another state. He iitiated the flirting awhile ago. he sent me flowers an said things like i will love him and we should get our relationshp started. I went to visit and he treated me like his girlfriend. All around amazing week. He isn't ready for relationship yet. I know he was cheated on an hurt. I also know he uses or used tinder for random f-buddies which i know he has one now. Nothing serious but its whatever. We talk all the time everyday about anything. I initiate it more now. Here and there he sends me pics and stuff. He also says he misses me on ocassion and if i am ever coming back down. We talk sexual as well and he always says he wishes i was there. Im not sure whats going on if its the distance that he is scared of relationship or like not interested or what. It seems to me that he is interested and i def am too. I just dont know anymore. If he didn't want to talk to me he would not answer my texts right? he answeres quite quick all the time only if he's busy he wouldn't. Whats going on?


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