Are women ever truly off the market?

No matter if a woman is single or un a relationship guys still approach and present themselves to her. She than has to make a decision reject or accept. This never changes no matter her relationship status. So are women ever off the market?


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  • If she says "No, I have a boyfriend", then yeah that's being "off the market". It's not a true rejection, it's simply "not for sale" if we're putting it in such crude terms.

    • I'm just saying the fundamentals of dating life never change for her. Where as as soon as a man stops pursuing women its over

    • Not necessarily. Some men have women who approach them too.

    • Rarely, very rarely. Only happens for me in clubs. Of course if I have a girlfriend thats not somewhere I will be to often.

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  • If she is loyal and in a committed relationship, she is off the market so long as she's in that relationship and chooses to be loyal.

    If she's a slut, no she's never off the market.

    • Its a competition. If some guy is better than her current man in every way imaginable, that makes her a slut for upgrading?

    • In some situations yeah, because there's always someone better.. so if a guy better than the last shows up weekly... she will just keep jumping from man to man. Kind of the very definition of a slut lol.

      ''It's a competition'' If someone is trying to get with some guys girlfriend, I hope the boyfriend breaks some limbs, and whatever else. Well if he knowingly tries to get with someone's girlfriend.

    • In competitions, once a winner is chosen... aka the boyfriend.. the competition is technically over. Unless some shady creeper tries to get into the picture.

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  • A woman always has a choice. Her choice to be faithful makes her off the market. A woman can be dating a complete idiot with no money and who's barely attractive , and she will still turn down better guys if she is really into him.

  • If she is a nun?

    • Oh and if she is ugly since guys don't like that

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