Is it okay if it doesn't click? Did anyone have same experience?

I feel like there is something that isn't clicking!
The date was really good.
This guy is kind, good, warm, caring, over educated, goes places around the globe, good looking BUT I still feel we don't click. At least from my side... I am not able to like him the way I should!
Is it okay if I feel this way? Your experience?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Sometimes, even though the other person seems to be perfect in so many ways, there may be a small 'flaw' that your mind automatically latches on to. And this is not uncommon. More often than not, you can't even pinpoint what it is, so it's not something you can 'work on'.

    Giving another try is fine, but make sure it's just ONE more try. If you still don't feel a connection, it's better to let go. Continuing to date him in such circumstances would be unfair for you, and even more so for the guy.

    So yeah, it's perfectly ok! No point in wasting your time, and his too, if you don't 'click'. Just take the best decision, as you deem fit. Good luck! 👍

    • You got it right. There is just this small thing which I am unable to let go but even I do not know what it is.
      I feel so bad right now because this guy has risen through struggles and is literally a hard working, warm and caring. I just can't figure out is it with me or him.

      I would give it another try but yes not many tries. I cannot play with his emotions.

      Thank you :)

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    • Thank you for your appreciation! But more often than not, others are much better at analysing our situations than ourselves, since they get to view our situation from a neutral perspective and provide more accurate and logical opinions, without an kind of emotional influence!

      Phew! Now that was a long senescence, which could have been split into 2 or 3, to make it more comprehensible! :P

    • *without any kind of

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's fine. Sometimes we meet people that have the qualities we are looking for, but just we can't feel the spark with them. We can't help how we feel. It's not something that can be easily controlled.

    • I really can't help this. He would be ideal guy for many girls but I can't feel the spark.

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    • My pleasure :) Thanks for understanding.

    • You're welcome!

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What Guys Said 3

  • Give it a little more time. However, within a month, if there's "chemistry" both of you will know it. If there's no chemistry, there really won't ever be and that is necessary for real deep love.

    • I would try talking to him and spend some time together but I have a gut feeling this isn't what Im looking for.

  • Is there something missing? Sexual tension, lack of flirt? Maybe something your other dates did that does not take part on his personality

    • I can't figure that something out! Yes something is missing. Maybe lack of playfulness. I cannot connect to him.

  • not your type... I think


What Girls Said 1

  • How many dates have you been on? I would say give it a month. It takes time for feelings to develop. If after a month, you still feel the same, then at least you know you tried.

    • I just went out for second time but official date was first time. I talked to him as a friend from a month though.

    • Yeah, if you don't "feel" it you can't force it.