Girls would you be jealous if your guy would hang out with a girl (who is lesbian but is always asking him to come over to her house?

Due to certain reasons we don't live together and can barely hang out. During us dating he has a real and I mean really close lesbian friend. She always seems to ask him to come over. Since she always can give him a ride and a ride back he can go. I can't give him rides and he doesn't always have a ride to my place. Thats why we can't hang out often. we have been dating a year and this girl whenever I see her hangs with my guy another guy and a girl. She always talk to me about how my guy is her best best best friend ever. That kills me -_- especially how I dont know her so well. My guy says he would never wanna do anything with her and plus (and he can't stress this enough) she's lesbian. From what I hear on my friend she's bi. I'm very confused. I told my guy about it but he truly believes she's fully lesbian. Girls how would you feel in this situation and how would you react? Guys is it cool to hang with another girl for long periods of time even if she's lesbian? How would you talk to your girl about this situation?


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  • I would feel jealous. Though let's be realistic: you can't force him in a cornor and tell him to stop hanging out with her. It will have the opposite effect. Maybe try and go with them, see what she is like, maybe become her friend? :P. You're gonna have to try to put your trust in your boyfriend. Cause.. you don't want to live your whole life in fear of him getting it on with some lesbian bff.

    I would be jealous ( but I get jealous easily... get emotional quickly and stuffs ). I would tell him it makes me feel jealous, but also tell him I don't want them to stop hanging out ( 'cause I don't want to hold him back from his friends ). Maybe go with him and see what she is like. First I'd try to trust him, give him the benefit of the doubt. If I really can't stand the jealousy any longer then I'd break up.. cause it's not healthy for either of us, but that'd be a last remedy.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks I'm doing everything I can and I did talk to him about this and I am kinda friends with her. Everything going alright