Girls, Young women, is a shaved head on a 21 year old who was losing his hair a turn off/dealbreaker for you in dating/attraction this young?

I started losing hair at 18 and at 20 it was very thin so I shaved, I often get compliments and people saying I pull it off well compared to most people who shave bald and several even saying I look better with no hair (my face and eyes are my strobgest features) anyway I wouldn't care so much if I knew I could still get an attractive girl around my age, yeah looks matter people I admit that and in fact do have high standards but I only want something real so I wouldn't call it shallow. So please I was honest with you please be honest with me, could you fall for and date a guy with no hair? Or is hair so important it kills a guy's other good looks? Please be honest, I basically only created an account here for unbiased answers on this one question so think truthful and thanks.

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  • I've dated a few guys that have shaved their heads for reasons. I would date the guy if we got along, it's not a deal breaker for me.

    • Shabed it all the way bald to the skin though? Some people think I just mean buzzcut I'm talking like Bruce Willis bald

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    • Well yeah I need a girl to be sweet but I can be honest and say looks matter a lot to me too, I couldn't date a girl who wasn't attractive although there's sone subjectiveness there really is a bit of a general standard. So I wouldn't blame a girl for needing looks to, if fact I've had girls say my bald head was gross when rejecting me and I still respect them just because while I may not be cruel like them I have things I could never overlook in a partners looks. (Weight, face etc) anyway thanks for your help

    • Yeah, everyone has their tastes. Like you said, it's all subjective but their is probably a general standard of what is physically attractive or not. That girl was rude af, though, and really showed her "ugliness". Understandable, I wish you luck!

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  • I know some young bald guys/men that are super attractive :)