Where is this going?

I've been seeing a guy at uni for the last few months with us getting closer in the last few weeks.
We are not exclusive & not together
We slept in the same bed every night, hung out most the day & he said 'i love you' before leaving
Now he has gone back home & I graduate.
I'm worried what will happen now that we'll be apart.
I'm scared he'll fall for a girl back home & stop talking to me & i don't know how to make it happen
Where is this going?

These are a few of our recent convos, he never really messages first though...


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  • I hope things work out with you and this guy. How far apart will you and him be? If the distance is super far then it may fade away because of the distance. I think he would have to be fully motivated to talk to you. He does for now with those messages. But things change sometimes when people go back home.


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