Relationship advice from professional men please?

Hey so I met a guy online, he's 32 I'm 24. We hung out had a great first date, had sex, after he didn't text me for a couple of days so I just texted him a sort of inside joke and he apologized and said he got swamped with a business trip he had to take and would text me later that night, and he did. Throughout our date towards the end he did ask about if I wanted a relationship and he was pretty forward about that while I was more hesitant and he sort of prodded a little. He hasn't texted me in a couple more days so I'm throwing in the towel, and I'm not too disappointed but I do like him so my question is it Normal for a busy professional guy in his 30s to take things slow like this and somewhat avoid texting or is he just not as interested as I had hoped? he hasn't been back on the dating site since the day we had our date so I've just been wondering if he was maybe busy.

Obviously I know I just have to wait it out but I just want some male insight!

Thank y'all in advance :)


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  • Well, I'm 30, have a professional career.

    For me it kind of depends on what was happening at work. I have continuous weeks of nonstop work and periods of only a few hrs a day. If I was just dating, my career came first, dating came after that. If I wasn't busy then i would have contacted sooner, but if I was busy then yeah, A few days is not something I would have even thought about. Sounds to me like he's been busy, travel, not on the website, so I wouldn't sweat it.

    • Ok cool I appreciate your advice :) he also said he was picking up a friend from the airport and I know he had to drop off and pick up his dog from a friends house (I forgot he had all that to do) that week so it seems like he just was super busy.

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