What should I do about this girl I started seeing?

I recently started seeing this girl two weeks ago, we met online about a week before that. We ended up sleeping together on the first date and also slept together on our second date (we've only been on two dates). We get along EXTREMELY well, and it feels really natural and effortless, she says the same. We've obviously moved really fast, but that's because we clicked so well. The sex is also amazing!

Here's the problem though, I'm not really that attracted to her. I think she's pretty, and I think the fact that I hadn't been with someone for a long time clouded my judgment and I went too fast. I know she's already crazy about me which makes it even that more difficult and I do like her too, but when I see her I don't think "wow she's so beautiful, I'm such a lucky guy", I just think "eh she's pretty enough" which I know is horrible. I know she's going to want to talk about us really soon and I don't know what to do. I have this nagging feeling of she's great, but I can do better. The worst part is I know how rare it is to find someone you really click with and I don't want to throw it away just to end up being alone again. I know it's incredibly selfish, I've just never been in this situation before... really clicking with a girl and enjoying our time together, great sexual chemistry, yet I'm not really attracted to her.


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  • If you're not interested in her.. Then you should move forward. And also let her move on..


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  • That sounds ridiculous of course your attracted to her why else would your dick stand up? perhaps your scared of commitment.

    • Like I said, it had been a looong time so I was extremely horny. Also, I am attracted to her, otherwise I wouldn't have even pursued her, but I am just barely attracted to her. I hate myself for this and I never went into it thinking this would happen. I just know I can do better looks wise (I know it's shallow, but I can't help it) since the girls in my previous relationships have been absolutely stunning and it's bothering me because it feels like I'm settling. Yet, I really like this girl and actually miss her now that I haven't seen her for just two days... I LOVE spending time with her.

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    • Im glad you see things clearly. I wish you the best of luck.

    • thanks man!

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