How do I approach this guy?

Okay, so, there's this guy I like. He's attractive, shares many of the same opinions and interest as me and is single. Where do I start with the problems... for starters, he lives in California and I live in the Midwest and I've only spoken with him a few times. I want to start out as friends, but I'm too shy. I also have had problems with low self-confidence and sometimes feel like this will hinder me in romantic relationships. I'm not sure that I'm the type of girl that guys pursue rather than see as a little sister. Also, the guy I like is 17, almost 18 and I'm 15, 16 in April. Is that a big age gap?

He does have a girlfriend, wowowow. Boy, am I embarrassed.


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  • There might be another problem here... YOUR DAD.

    Just sayin' here... since I am a Dad with a 15 year old daughter.

    Look, it's long distance... he probably has a girl in CA or will find one eventually. It's just gonna end up in heartbreak.

    Just calm down... there are plenty of "hot" guys and you have plenty of time to find them. You feel insecure about yourself because, well - you're a teenager... and that's kind of normal.

    It's a crush - so just forget about it. A day will come for you... but it will not be this day!


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