Guys what do you do when you like a girl? How you approach her? Do you ask her for a date? smile to her? ask her friends if she's single?


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  • Personally, I always to reconnaissance meaning that I learn as much as I can about her even before making the first move. Like anyone about to hire a potential employee, you investigate, get references, etc. Well, it's the same with a potential mate. I wanna know how long since her last relationship and why did it end. How many times has she been married? Kids? Job? ... Some of this I can only get from her friends or from her, but my point is that I am looking for dealbreakers even before I make any moves.

    In making a move, I try to do something neutral or make a deal. For instance, I might ask a woman if she helps me with _____, then I'd be happy to take her out to dinner. That's a date without it being an official date. Lots can be determined from techniques like this.


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  • It depends on the guy.
    -There are guys who never actually approach because they are nervous as hell and they fear the possibility of rejection.
    -Others try to throw her subtle signs.
    -Some are more direct.


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  • I tell her I think she's pretty and if she'd like to have dinner

    • Guys always say I am pretty and smile to me but occasionally someone ask me for a date!

    • Want to have dinner? I'm an excellent cook

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