Where to look for a romantic partner outside school?

Where should I look for a romantic partner. I don't have a lot of chemistry with guys at my school so where else can meet guys. I like theatre, politics, books, and memes but I never know where to find guys with similar interest who I have chemistry with. Any advice?


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  • Maybe start looking outside of your interests for chemistry, you know how opposites attract.

    That said, you like books which could be handy. Go read at the library, or better yet read at the coffee shop (yes, guys your age hang out there too, we usually don't get coffee) A girl who is reading is likely to be approached because A, I have a chance to look at her without her noticing me and B, I can start a conversation about her book. Guys love bookworms.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice! I'm make sure to be on the prowl next time I'm in the Classics sections of my local bookstore drinking green tea, hahaha.

    • You're very welcome. Yeah, some of us hang out there just for the girls who come, so it's definitely a good place

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