Do I have a chance with this girl?

So the other night there was a party in my suite and there was this girl there. I know her decently well (she lives across the hall from me) and she is very cute. I talked with her throughout the whole party and at the end of the party I was talking to her with my roommate. They were both drunk, and when my roommate began talking about this girl’s boyfriend she really questioned him. My roommate, being very drunk, spilled a lot of info about what her boyfriend had been doing (dancing with girls at clubs, etc.) and she was really hurt. My roommate and I were talking with her late into the night, and she eventually broke down. After a while, I sent my roommate to his room (because he was so drunk) so that I could talk to her alone. She was crying and we were sitting on the couch with her head resting on my collar bone. I tried to console her and tell her what I thought about everything. After a couple hours (at like 5:30am) I walked her to her room so she could go to sleep (and so I could because I had to catch a 7 am train to NY) and then I wrote her a letter in the morning basically telling her nice things and to stay positive and then I put it under her door before I left for NY, and I left my number for her in case she ever needed to talk. The next day she called me and told me that she had confronted her boyfriend about it and that he denied ever doing any of those things. Anyway, I got back from NY today and I saw her and she gave me a hug and said she missed me. She came over to my suite and we talked for a while and she thanked me a lot for being so nice to her.
I guess after spending that night with her I have started to have feelings for her and I don’t know what to do. I am really looking for something real, and so is she. What should I do to have a chance with her? What do I do about her bf? Have I been too nice? She told me that she pinned the note I gave her to her wall…? Can I avoid being in the friend-zone and how? Anything will help. Thanks!

I am in college by the way!


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  • Sounds to me like she already likes you. Don't question things so much and just let everything happen naturally. What the hell is the rush to know everything now? All of your interactions have been positive and that speaks for itself.


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  • I think she likes you, but she is clearly in her current relationship.

    Also, you really shouldn't try to jump on her unless she is broken up AND seems like she is interested in the idea, otherwise it will seem like you were friends with her "only to get in her pants" as girls tend to assume it.


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  • wow that letter thing was so nice... you seem like a good guy. i think if it doesn't work out w her boyfriend she'll go to you


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