Does he think I'm easy, or is he actually interested?

So I liked this guy from the moment we met, but he had a girlfriend of five years so I held back. But they broke up pretty soon after I met him, so I waited a couple of months before making a move, but I think I did it too soon, and although he told me that he was interested and stuff, the fling soon fizzled out. I tried initiating contact a couple of times but he didn't give off a great vibe so I moved on with my life.

About 3-4 months later, he initiates contact out of the blue, and I just responded to be polite although I thought I was completely over him. But I guess the chemistry was always there and things got friendly pretty quickly. Although I've been too scared to meet him in person, he's been messaging me almost daily (mostly him initiating this time, last time it was maybe 50-50 or I was initiating slightly more) and I can't help but feel interested again. I know for a fact that he didn't disappear for a girl, though.

There are a couple of red flags though. The fact that he disappeared suggests that he could do it again, which I'm not going to take again, and he hasn't offered any explanations for his sudden disappearance. Secondly, he's really into talking about sex. Since we hadn't talked to each other for a while, let alone see each other in person, I'm a bit nervous about him escalating the conversations towards intimate things kind of quickly (for the reference, he wants to know how he can please me, what he has to say to get me in bed, or what I look like naked, etc etc) so I wonder if he thinks that I'm an easy catch, given that I was first to make a move, and that I still responded after he rudely left me in the dark.

I'm not going to deny that sparks fly when we meet in person, and that's something I've never had with any guy before, but I also don't plan on setting myself up for a heartbreak. What do you think? Should I walk away before it's too late?


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  • Heartbreak is the risk we all take but the payoff when things work makes it worth it. I say nothing ventured nothing gained

    • But guys wouldn't generally be that rude to girls they actually like, right? I don't need this to turn into a marriage, but I think I want to make sure that this guy at least respects me.

    • Maybe make him wait a little longer

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