Why did she keep trying to look at the bill (dinner)?

There's this girl I've liked for a long time. We've been friends and flirted etc so I finally asked her out on a proper date. I took her to an Italian restaurant (like the Billie Joel song :) ).

She seemed sheepish about ordering and kept trying to order the cheapest items and only wanted a salad. So I told her "please, order anything you'd like. I invited you"
She finally relented and ordered what she wanted we ended staying for close to three hours having cocktails afterwards and when when the bill came and the waiter placed it on the table she leaned over to look at it. I quickly gave my card to the waiter and signed the reciept. When my reciept came she kept trying to glance at it, it was on my side. She kept to look at it playfully and I moved her hand away she did it again and I took her hand and held it and we started making out. We've known each other for a while and it was an amazing first date especially since I very much like her.

i always think that if some one knows how much you've spent on them it ruins the surprise/effort. Only thing that sort of was odd or a little off was why she wanted to know how much the meal was. It's a very upscale place and the cocktails weren't cheap but the food conversation, ambience and most importantly she was worth it all.


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  • You should be glad that she was conscious about how much she was costing you. A lot of girls (and guys too) take it for granted that their date will pay for them. Sounds like she is a very polite girl and felt guilty that she was costing you money. She wanted to see the bill so she knew how much you spent on her - probably so next time she can shout you a meal in return.

    Honestly, don't stress so much about it. It's really not a big deal, and like I said, she sounds like a really nice girl. Just be grateful that she has nice manners and don't make a big deal out of it or you may embarrass her. Good luck


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  • She probably wanted to know how much her part of meal cost so she could pay for it.

    • No she didn't have to pay I told her. She tells me how she's struggling to make ends meet and I told her it was my treat which she smiled. I. E "get whatever you want I invited you"

    • Even if you told her you'd pay, some people feel obligated to pay for their stuff. I feel obligated to pay for my stuff and that's something I'd do.

      Or if that's not it... maybe she's trying to see how much it is to see if you can afford a lot lol.