How do I avoid being "just friends"?

We're super conservative. we've only been friends for a year, but I've liked him now for a solid month. I'm a very flirty person by nature, so I have no idea how to seem interested. Help?

Sorry question is more pointing towards how do I get out of being just friends.


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  • Just tell him.

    • He knows my family really well though, so if he doesn't like me back, then I'm screwed with the awkwardness that follows it. How do I figure out without being obvious?

    • I have to tell you something, I have a very different thinking way, When it comes to situations like I'm really gonna be screwed I act so normal, every time my friends tell me questions like 'wait, are you serious?' 'wait, you can't do that' and 'What If' questions, You Only Live Once and you have to do whatever you think is best for you.
      Live everyday like it's your last.

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  • I's not depends only or your wishs, you need to find out if he also want to be more then just friends with you.

    • Yeah but how do I figure that out without asking him up front?

    • You claim that you are very flirty person by nature, so how hard can it's be for you to make a move and/or talk with him about sexual staff, and dress yourself in more revealing clothes?

    • It's easy to let it just happen and not think about it.

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