What would you do if you liked a teacher?

I'm a uni student, and I like a teacher. He's around 22-23 and I'm 21 (3rd year student)
I know that it's impossible for this kind of relationship to happen, but do you have any advice for me to stop looking at him or to get his attention ( in case that you think it's possible )


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  • Wait until the semester is over. However, during the semester, go to every office hour of his.

    • I tried that and he noticed me lol the problem is that I don't know if he likes me or not. More importantly 'the rules'

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    • I worded that awkwardly. The issue is potential sexual harassment. If he can influence your grades in a course that you are taking, then there is the potential for sexual harassment because he can say to you "If you don't have sex with me then I will give you bad grades in this class." If he cannot influence any grades in classes that you are taking, then there shouldn't be a problem unless the school bans all student / teacher relationships.

    • I think my school does... Lol poor me
      Thank you for your opinion tho, appreciate

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  • How the fuck is a 23 yo a Uni teacher? That's not fucking possible.

    • He's like a voluntary teacher. There's a program called PIA for people from the states to come to other countries to teach at a university for 1 year. So, newly graduated students can join this program and be a teacher

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    • He is still not a teacher.

    • But he is in this case, we can't be in a relationship even if he likes me. (Rules of being a teacher )

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  • He can't date you so the most you should try to reach for is the friendzone.

    • How? He's American tho. ( if you know what American guys like haha )

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    • How to start a conversation if your not close to the person you like?

    • Walk up to him

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  • The ideal would be to become friends, which could include coffee, lunch, etc. even dance classes but NO dating - reserve that for after graduation = A-OK

    • Ahh but he's gonna be at my uni for only a year, after that he will go back to his country lol no chance?

    • Your wishes for this next year... or beyond are not clear if now you focus on long term being "out".
      Reading that you want to scratch this itch, not avoid it.
      So make it obvious in after class conversation that his career in fascinating, something for you to pursue as well, then eventually ask for a coffee outing to discuss it further.