What do girls like better?

Dating a guy...

  • Who had many girlfriends in the past
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  • Who never had a girlfriend before
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  • This is a tricky kind of question so I didn't vote.
    If I knew the guy I liked dated many girls in the past, I would feel insecure for a moment. 1) He would have more experience in the dating/sexual field and while that might not bother some girls, others won't accept this kind of behavior. What if he was a womanizer? Am I better looking than them? What about our sex life... Mmm maybe I'm not that good as number 3# LOL
    Not every girl has these thoughts but it happens many times.
    Now, a guy who never had a girlfriend before? What exactly are we talking about here? A guy who had multiple one night stands and never had a girlfriend because he doesn't like commitments OR a guy who is a virgin in every sense of the word...

    • A virgin and someone who doesn't like commitments.

      Can you answer both?

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    • Thanks for the MHO.

    • You're welcome :)

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  • Hmm... the only reason I'm inclined to go for poll choice A is because he has experience so he might know what NOT to do while in a relationship. But, if he never had a girlfriend before, that's not bad either, as long as he knows how to treat a girl right, then it doesn't matter.

  • In between is the best. Other choices - not so interesting.

  • Who never had a girlfriend before cuz I want all memory of love to be about me


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