Why do people say there's someone for everyone?

When it's such an obvious lie? Some people are alone, stay alone, and die alone, that's just it, that's the fucking sum of their life, worth, and experiences. Let me lay down some truth, all you nice guys and gals out there that don't get shit and are just alone and miserable, wanna know the truth about it? You're gonna be alone for a long fucking time, okay? For you nice guys, you can forget it, no one actually gives a shit about you being nice because, since humans are really just barely conscious apes, we value aggression and power over empathy and compassion, basically, kindness is worth nothing and everyone will view your kindness as a weakness, especially women, so, better hope you enjoy being alone. And, nice girls, well, my next answer all depends on whether or not you're attractive. If you're not attractive, well, that's it, you're alone, might as well take whoever you can get. If you are attractive then you'll probably end up with some asshole that treats you like shit and is probably sleeping with your friend, why? Again, because niceness is a weakness to humans, he'll view you as a weak pushover who won't do anything if he treats you like garbage, and, you likely saw nice guys as weak pushovers who can't defend themselves or you so they got ignored. Note, I'm not saying this happens to all girls, just nice girls.

Sorry, guys, that's how it is, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I've lived this already, this is my fate, just trying to prepare everyone else.


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  • I feel where you are coming from. Im very tired of hearing that saying. I know I'm meant to be alone but Im 30. Your young and have time find someone. You also will change your mind about this issue. You are just upset sounds like. While a lot of this is true. Reguarding kindness being viewed as a weakness, and people will run over you if u let them. Good girls will end up with a dog , but that only if they accept that. You are thinking and speaking negatively. Wjy? You dont know the future who knows what it holds for you.

    • The future is controlled by the past, if you know the past, you can usually predict the future

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  • You're under 18. If there's one thing that prevents you from establishing a reasonable longer-term mutual relationship, it's that you're thinking in terms of "nice guys" and "nice girls". Most people aren't inherently evil; the ones we perceive as evil just have no awareness of the fact that what they are doing is "evil" and why it is so.

    But yes, otherwise what you're saying makes perfect sense, but luckily being "nice" is only one positive quality, and if you have multiple positive qualities, people will eventually respect you, like you, and possibly even find you attractive.

    • I don't judge people by how they perceive themselves, I judge them by their actions. Hitler thought he was a hero, saving the German people and making the human race better, in reality he was an insane, genocidal bastard. Most people don't believe they're bad people, that doesn't mean they aren't.

    • Can't argue with that. Not all people can be trusted. But that doesn't mean you should not trust anyone.

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  • Because they want to get people's hopes up.