What to do about a girl who I can barley see?

Hey guys and gals looking for an opinion on a matter that is bugging me. Me and this girl really like each other. But her parents won't let us see each other. Her mom let her out a couple times but now her step dad says no way. It's getting real frusterating only seeing her maybe once a month at most.

I'm just not sure what to do should I just be patient? She says she misses me a lot and tries to get her parents to just talk to me and meet me but they are strict.

Any thoughts?

Bump ! Need help !


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  • Maybe you should respect her parents wishes and stay away since she does stay under her parent's roof and has to abide by their rules unless that is you want to take responsibility for her.
    Not trying to be mean but just being realistic.

    • Man that is a bummer to hear! She doesn't want to give up and it would hurt bad if I broke it off

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