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I talked to this guy on Interpals website (it's making around the world website) for about 2 years but now he's pretty busy with work and uni and took a month to reply so I sent him a sarcasm message "If I wanted to wait days and months for a response I would have written you a letter." And a month later he replied "You can do if you like that's what some people seem to do on this website"
He's a straightforward person so I don't know if he want me to write him a letter or he just being a very straightforward person. I like him but I don't know what to do. :(


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  • Just send him a letter and if he gets fussy about it, then move on. no point wasting time on an empty husk of a human.

    • Thanks! :)

    • No problem :) happy to help. Oh and if he doesn't take time out of his life to talk to you don't bother with him.

    • Yeah thanks again :)

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  • It sounds like he's uninterested and is talking to many other people.

    I've met and dated a few guys off the internet. My current guy I met online and we've been together for 5 years and are engaged. There are some really good men out there.

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