How do I approach this girl without making it creepy?

So there's this one cute girl that works at this vet clinic I stopped at to use the bathroom a few times as it was the closest place with a bathroom at work (I do door to door sales). I've flirted with her a little bit and made some jokes that she laughed at, but I'm trying to figure out how to talk to her and ease into asking her out.

It isn't the fear of rejection but the scenario and circumstances since she's at work and it's a vet clinic. I can't just keep going in there without a reason because it's her work and that would be creepy but coincidentally one of my friends needs to take his dog to a vet so I went and got a pamphlet with prices from that girl. My friend does want to go take the dog to the vet and I'd figure I'd take him and the dog over there so it doesn't look blatantly obvious that I'm interested in her.

So that being said if I do this and take him to the vet with me, how should I go about this with talking to her and asking her out? If not do that then what's a good alternative?


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  • You could be cute or smething and give her a note, or just be forward and ask her out, no harm done in trying.

    Many times when I was younger I thought someone was flirting with me and wished they would have asked me out, but didn't. Since you don't actually work with her, you wouldn't need to see her if you got rejected, but much better than the regret of never trying.

    • What should I put in the note?

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    • So just get straight to the point and ask her out while leaving my number? I know I'm overthinking this bit wording is crucial in this scenario lol. Like I said though fear of rejection isn't as big of an issue as the scenario.

    • Yes, I think being short but forward is the best!

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