Why do I attract the guys I don't like, and don't attract the ones I like?

I'm 17... Never had a boyfriend, at least not a serious relationship :/
I'm pretty emo, like a lot of metelcore music and love games and dress... Pretty miserably:P... There's this guy who recently popped up to me, and has come on to me in a very strong manner... He even said "I wish I had a girlfriend like you" and made me realise I don't get the guys I like? He's cute yh, but just nothing in common :\ I'm mostly attractive to emo guys... And not just cos of the style but because most of the time we have a lot of hobbies... And all the guys i have liked are emo !
But I don't get it, all my crushes are emo and stuff but don't like me -.- I would had thought a emo guy would be attractive to a emo girl MOST of the time?
and I seem to attract the party & outgoing lads which I'm just personally not into so much :\
i fear I be forever alone at this rate :(


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  • The problem is that most emo guys are shy guys. A guy who is not shy really wouldn't be an emo because he wouldn't feel like a social outcast.

    Maybe this will explain it:

    • Oh my god hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I remember watching this episode!!! So funny :')

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  • emo guys are so my type!!! hahah anyway, I don't look at all emo.

    • I know !!😍 There so sexy XD hehehe

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    • haha I promise... If I saw them... I try to get sit right next to them... hahah
      Then ask him for a pen while staring him deep into his eyes... hahah

    • Awwwwwwh how cute :3 !!! Hehehe

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  • omg…i swear to god, same thing with me…i attract women I'm not in to, and don't tact the ones i am in to...


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