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she said she wanted to take a break on dating while she figures herself out, normally I would chalk this off as a nice way of breaking off but the circumstances leading to it make me believe otherwise (shes opened up to her therapist telling her about things that happened to her, they are quite bad). I like her quite a bit and she has opened up to me a lot. She just said no relationship-type things while she puts herself together. I believe her but I don't know, I've never connected with someone like I have with her, I can just be myself around her, I'm afraid of becoming just a friend to her. I know I should just wait and see but I Would like to hear peoples opinion of the situation.


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  • Sometimes people will say things like that because they are wanting to split and wanting to let you down easy instead of just outright saying it. Be a friend to her (because that is important in a relationship too) and see what happens. If she doesn't want a relationship with you, then it's better not to try to force it.

  • She wants to break up but she does not want to hurt your feelings
    Do not wait for her because she is most likely not going to change her mind


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