Don't know what to do?

These this girl I like, I think that we could actually be a good couple the thing is tho she has decided to get back with her ex and I don't know what to do or if I will ever have a chance with her now, don't want to lose her as a friend but it's hard u know?


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  • Let her be with her ex and be her friend without the expectation of more. If it's going to happen later then it will.

    • That's what I was thinking but isn't that sad?

    • Yes, it is sad :( but if you really like her as a person, a friendship is the basis on any relationship. I just hope your able to be around her without the need for it to be more.

    • I hope so to, I don't mind that she's with him cause I want her to be happy but I know I would be better for her, we have a lot in common and I know I would treat her better than he does and be there for her more it just annoys me so much

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