I like a guy in college that has a girlfriend in High School, what should I do (read.)?

I met this guy named Matt about two-three weeks ago and we started out just as friends because he has a girlfriend back in High School. Little did I know at the time, she doesn't even live in the same state as us.. Anyways I told him how I felt about him and that I couldn't be friends with him and he was upset but ok with it because he knew he didn't want to lose his girlfriend. So I went a few days without talking to him but then decided it would be better if we were friends than nothing at all. That same night we hung out and we ended up kissing, and he stayed the night in my dorm room. We ended up going on two dates that weekend and have been inseparable ever since. There hasn't been a day in the past few weeks that we haven't seen each other. This past weekend he spent the night twice and we ended up hooking up (not sex) and talking about the future together. Whenever I bring up other guys to him he gets really annoyed, and I'm pretty sure he can see something with me. Last night we were talking about dating and how he didn't know if I'd be able to date him because I told him I didn't like to hang out every day, but I just told him that it was because we weren't dating that it seemed weird to be hanging out all the time. Anyways, I'm really confused on what to do, and I really do like him. I've never felt this strongly about someone before, so I don't plan on losing him. I just don't know how to go about this whole situation.. if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to post!

  • Tell him how you feel and that if he wants to keep seeing you then he should break up with his girlfriend
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  • Leave the whole situation alone, and come back when he is no longer in a relationship
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  • Try and just be friends with him
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  • Talk to him about dating and what possibilities there are
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Please don't comment negatively either. He is the one doing this to his girlfriend. I understand I'm contributing, but it's not all my fault.


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  • B. Don't be a home wrecker.


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  • Whether or not she lives far away, there is a reason they are dating. And for him to cheat like that so many times and not do anything about it means that he thinks it is ok because his girlfriends doesn't know. Well, if he is cheating on his current girl he will most likely cheat on you. He might just be looking for a hook up buddy as well because he can't hook up with his girl. You are also low, youve hooked up with this guy and he knows you like him. he can't possibly think he can get away with it. This is wrong from the both of you. Leave him alone and make him tell his girlfriend. If he's lucky she will stay with him and not break it off for you. I think you would be trouble.


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  • Well clearly you like him mostly for his body since he's a cheater and now you're just the other woman. Walk away before you continue with this amoral relationship.


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  • Back off and stop thinking like a whore. You don't have a place or right to decide when and if his relationship will end so stop thinking all about yourself, your feelings, and your desires, stop being a skank, and back the fuck off.

  • Is he still with the girlfriend?

    For future reference:

    "... but then decided it would be better if we were friends than nothing at all."

    No. Next time, please don't think like that if you know he is taken.