Is she still interested?

So I have know this girl since 3rd grade. We started talking about dating and trying something more senior year of high school. ( 9 months ago) Since then our relationship has stayed floating between dating and great friends haha. I KNOW IM NOT FRIEND ZONED SO THIS isn't MY ISSUE. 2 Weeks ago she asked me to a concert. Saying " She'd Absolutley love to go with me". So I took this as a good sign. I knew it would be a group of people and still not a one on one date. While I was driving down to her school she kept texting me telling me how happy she was I could come. And she couldn't wait to see me. Then I proceed to get to the concert. And she hadn't even saved me a seat or anything next to her haha... So I was extremely confused. She invited ME. But I didn't feel she was invested in me throughout the 6 hours I was with her. I mentioned going out for a Halloween date in 2 weekends She had plenty of notice. She never confirmed but kept saying she thought it would be fun. I texted her the day before, she didn't think she was going to be able to come and she was so sorry. We live an hour and a half away so I somewhat understand. And she truly is a busy girl. I texted her and basically said I don't want to be a burden and keep asking to see you If I'm taking you away from your new life and new friends down there. Again just 2 weeks ago she asked me out and previously she is pretty flaky with me in general but talks a lot about the two of us getting together. I thought she was just being nice so I left her alone and she would keep texting me first to keep contact. So I put the ball in her court and basically said if you just don't wanna go or don't have the time. You don't just have to say yes to be nice. And that I'm Always here if she can find time to make plans. And left he ball in her court. Should I just wait it out? I really need advice cause this girl has meant the world to me as a friend. And I know if I handle it right we would be great together.


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  • Yeah man... I don't know, it sounds like to me some people like to make plans in their head, almost like a little fantasy or wishful thinking realm... I think you did the right thing by putting the ball in her court, but she has to take the initiative to make time for you... Otherwise it will never work.
    Don't invest more into it than she's willing to invest... Match her in her efforts but don't put out more than what is returned... Let her come to you, that is the whole purpose for putting the ball in her court.

  • I see more of a good friendship here than anything. Not sitting with you at the concert was a major red flag, and a big fail on her part if she was interested in more. She does sound flaky. You are not on her list of top 5 most important things in her life. Basically you said your peace, the ball is in her court. It may take some time to decide what she wants. I would not contact her anymore if she doesn't get back to you.