Should I brake up with him?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for ten months now we are secretly dating and we love each other so much. But my parents absoultuly hate him ( due to some certin problems) i want to listen to my parents but i dont want to loose him either help please?

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they want me to break up with him because they say he's emotionally abusive


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  • This may sound weird and patronizing, but at that age, parents are usually right :(
    Try to see the situation from your parent's point of view, and try to see if they are right, or if he is capable of changing and make a decision before you get hurt.


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  • I just going to be honest and this sounds horrible but its the truth 80% chance you two are not going to be together forever anyway. Besides your parents probably is going to destory the relationship either way this doesn't look good. Do I think you should dump him over this no of course not! you need a backbone and put your foot down and say I date who ever I want its my life.


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  • Silly question here: Is he a car?


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  • By the way you spelled "break" wrong☺. You guys should stay together if you really love one another😉😉😉! It's you and your boyfriend in a relationship NOT you, your boyfriend, and parents in a relationship.