Any tips for a 23yo guy to get an older woman? like 40+? like best place to meet them, or to approach them, any feedback is more then welcome:)?

basically i find it impossible to get to know a more mature woman. i know some like younger guys. not many, but as long as i'd meet one, i'd be ok :D but where to meet them? in my opinion, i shouldn't really approach them because its like 8/9 out of 10 won't be interested in younger guys and prob already have a husband. not looking foward to get punched haha.
i also tried online, without much luck, since there most of them are interested in guys their age.

so yeah, i would really apreciate to hear from mature women on this, or younger guys that had any luck with this


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  • There's a site called Cougar Time I think. I've had good luck with cougars just asking them out