Girls, how do I, as a rather shy and reserved guy, ask this rather shy and reserved girl?

Okay, so there's this girl I want to ask out; reason being I want to get to know her better. I feel like I'm not seeing something about her / missing something; in other words, I'm both curious and interested.

There's just one problem: WE'RE BOTH SHY AND RESERVED. So not only do I worry about what I say, but also how she will stress about a response too!

I already asked her father if it'd be okay, and her mother sounds like it's a great idea, so she knows I want to ask her out or meetup sometime; but why on earth are we hitting such a brick wall in ourselves when it comes to asking the other out? lol, please help.


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  • One if you is going to have to make a move. And I know it this is going to sound awful. But you are going to have make a move. Girls hope guys would make a move because it's easier. But is she likes you I think she won't be to stressed out about it.

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