Should I message him again?

I liked a boy for six years. Our school was huge so He never approached/ noticed me until our high school graduation where he told me I was beautiful and couldn't leave w/o my #. We started a summer romance after that and talked every day. It wasn't until July I finally agreed to go on our first date. As soon as I was finished getting dressed, it started raining and I cancelled our date. He was disappointed because I stalled on previous dates and he really wanted to see me. I sent him messages later that day and after but no response. Eventually I found there was a possibility he never received my messages cause I had phone issue

I recently sent him a sweet direct message on Twitter wishing him the best. It was written in a way that didn't require a response. He responded that same day telling me how much he appreciated the message &wished me the best too etc. I didn't get the notification of his response until a week later. I apologized for not seeing the notification sooner and told him to have a great day.

He responded in less than 60 seconds "You too Hun !! 😘"

The next day I asked him if he received my messages at the end of summer. I told him if I didn't hear from back from him have a great week and sorry for bothering him. He quickly responded:

"Lol its fine, and no my phone be messing up too, I swear, Do you still have my number? ? "

I didn't respond until 20 minutes later because i walked away from my phone. I made a joke saying "aw man I was trying to apologize all that time and thought I was being ignored lol 😂 Is your # still xxxx-xxx?"

it's been 4 days and he hasn't responded. He's been on Twitter because he retweeted something off my page yesterday. I feel weird and I'm not sure what to do.


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  • Do something that we just don't do anymore. CALL him on the phone. Voice, real time


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