Dating your cousin's best friend: yea or nay?

I recently developed feelings for my cousins best friend, who is also a very good friend of mine. We text almost everyday and I also see him pretty often since my cousin is my neighbour. Two nights ago, we all went out together. On the drive home, he insisted on sitting next to me and had his hand on my leg the whole time as I fell asleep on his shoulder. The only problem, he is in a relationship. I have mentioned to my friends how shitty this makes me feel. Fortunately, last night he asked me for some advice and told me he has been thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend. The whole time, he was starring me straight in the eyes. We defintely flirt, but neither one of us ever says anything about it. He is by far one of the greatest guys I have ever met. He has the biggest heart and I feel like I could always be myself around him. Now that he will most probably be breaking up with his girlfriend, the only thing that stands between us is his best friend, my cousin. They are literally inseparable. My whole family knows the guy and they really love him. What should I do? Continue being friends and hold back on the flirting.. or continue flirting and possibly have a conversation about the whole situation with him? I really care about him, and I wouldn't want to ruin my friendship with him as well as his friendship with my cousin. So confused with the whole situation.


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  • "He will most probably be breaking up with his girlfriend" So he's taken? What clues you in on his breaking up with her? Assuming that he becomes single, how will you two dating affect his relationship with your cousin?

    • He has told me that he quote "doesn't like her anymore" and that "he now knows what he really likes in a girl and she just isn't it". He's waiting for her to be out of exams to break up with her, they haven't seen each other in almost a month and he really just isn't feeling it. That's what I'm curious about. We basically all hang out together everyday anyways and the guy and I are pretty inseparable.. would it be wrong to see where things go and potentially say something to my cousin?

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