What do older man look in for a woman?

by older i mean from 25 to 35 range.


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  • By younger, I'm assuming that you are 20-21ish. I'll give you the reasons I typically wouldn't want to date someone that young.

    They are typically just getting their life started trying to figure themselves out. I'd be looking for someone that really knows more about themselves.

    My career is a priority in life, I find that women that are a little older get what that means a little bit better than younger. I'm not really looking to discover myself, I'm looking to build on what I've got.

    The last thing I wanna do is go back to college, metaphorically speaking I mean.

    • Well say that I already discovered myself, Im mature and the only deference would be that I'm just working towards expanding my education rather than building something, although I am pursuing it. Would you still have that in consideration if someone younger would approach you?

    • Maybe, but I feel like it's not likely. I'd have to know you from an environment where I'd already get that you are more mature. If I knew your age, my first assumption would be that you are not and right or wrong that would probably be my assumption before the first words came out of your mouth. That being said, if I got to know you otherwise then it's possible. Not all guys are the same though, I get the feeling that a lot of guys would be ok with the age. I really don't see why you should not give it a shot though. Just remember that some of these guys may just be looking for a temporary thing.

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  • 25 is not that old. A girl who is chill and fun and obviously hot is what guys look for in a woman.


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  • It sort of depends on the guy, but like longjohndan said, someone who has their life figured out.

  • Little girls

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