I'm having friends with benefits kind of relationship with this guy who is engaged... Does this make me a bad person?

He asked me if i was interested doing fun dates. I was confused with his relationship status until little bit later like a week later after he asked, that he's engaged for long time, dated this girl since 2008 i think or engaged since 2008.
Then later on, we started to feel sexual feelings towards each other. He treats me like I'm his girlfriend. He told me that I made him feel young again. He doesn't want to stop what we have.
He said his fiance is great partner etc. There's a but in his statement. Sometimes I feel like he feels sorry/bad for her if he leaves her or something. Because she had no one to love her and she tried to commited suicide before.
We tried to stop but it just made it worse as in being attracted.

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  • If this continues, it will only end badly. And let's say he breaks up with her and starts a relationship with you. Both of you will constantly worry that the other is cheating because you both know you're capable of it.

    • okay. thank you for making me realise how messed up this is

    • You're welcome. And good for you on being open minded about my answer. It's going to be tough because you've both developed feelings but you deserve to be in a relationship, sexual or otherwise, that won't be marred by all this messy stuff that it will turn into eventually

    • alright

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  • You're both terrible people.


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  • You are cheating with him, of course it makes you a bad person. How would you feel if this happened to you once you got engaged?

    I really am interested, how could you possibly think that this doesn't make you a bad person?

    • yeah you're right. i don't know what was i thinking

    • You probably werent thinking, but thats often the case when you are really attracted to someone. Its good that you finally came back to your senses, although next time it would be better if you realize this before you cheat with a guy.

    • yeah :/ okay

  • The fact that you didn't end it when he told you says a lot about you.


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