Don't you think someone should love you for you?

Okay so me and my boyfriend where talking and I said "haha sometimes you make me think your bisexual (":" and he's like "What if I was!!(":" (I obviously knew he was joking) and I said "Well I'd have to watch out for the girls and boys haha!!" And he was like "No you'd break up with me.. If you where bisexual I'd break up with you..." And it hit me... I'm not bisexual or lesbian but if I where bisexual shouldn't he still love me for me and not disown me because of how I felt about my sexuality? And here he is telling me I'm his world and how much he loves me and wants to be with me till we're old and grey... Am I in the wrong to feel a little upset even though I'm not bisexual and he said this... It seriously made my heart hurt... It only made me feel that way because what if something else came around that he didn't like about me? Would he still stay with me... Am I in the wrong to be a little upset about this? How should I feel after being told that...


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  • I'm neutral, because since its not a fact, if you were bi- how does he know you'd still be the same person, little things can create tension in a relationship and can add more pressure to satisfying you. But either way yes, I think people should love people for themselves, however it really depends!

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