How should I initiate the first kiss?

I have never been good at this, I am fairly confident when I am talking to people and I am really only shy the first couple minutes. But I have always been shy when it comes to anything physical.

I went on a date with this girl to a bar last week, we had a really good time. We got along really well, at the end of the night we hugged, we started going our separate ways then she turned back and started talking to me again. The problem was, we had already put distance between us and it just seemed awkward to go in for it then...

Anyway we are going out again on Wednesday, I'm not sure what we're doing yet, but she did agree to go out again. And we've been texting a lot more since our date.

I am going to try to be more decisive with the hug and try to linger so I can transition to the kiss from there. But do you guys have any pointers or tips on how you guys initiated a first kiss?


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  • My first kiss with the current girlfriend went like this: We were sitting on a swing at night arms around each other then she turned and stared at me for a second so I kissed her and we made out for a while.

    If you guys are close and she stops and looks up at you smiling she probably wants you to kiss her.