How to read this guy?

Me and this guy hangout and get drunk at the bars and usually bang. I have meet all his friends, coworkers and even his uncle.. Always wants me to come out to the bars with him. And has ask me to comeover to 'make love/sex' with him and I always turn him down for that.. He then texted he was going to look for fun tonight then, I told him to go for it and said he was gonna bc he hasn't got any in awhile and it's been too long with a lol.. I then asked why are you telling me this and goes I don't know lol goodnight. And then I told him I didn't want a f buddy I wanted something a little more.. He asked if I was hardcore looking for a bf? And told me if I don't want him to have my number he will delete me but its up to me.. I texted saying not really a boyfriend, and told him to do what he wants. He texted back and replied if I was just looking for just chilling and nothing more than that he'd be down.. I told him I was looking for someone to hangout, do stuff and maybe mess around with too.. So he replied he would be ok with that and stated that's why he asked to watch a movie or go bowling.. So was he trying to make me jealous before about looking for 'fun'? And do you think he likes me/ maybe feelings there? Bc the whole rest of the text he kept asking wanting to cuddle and hangout.. So I feel like if he really wanted to go out to look for fun he would have instead of wasting 2 hours asking to comeover while im turning him down bc I wasn't feeling good.. And when we are together he act like we are together, holding hands and he never wants me to leave after we have sex, he wants me to stay but I usually just leave bc I don't know how to take him... My friends think he has feelings and likes me.. And that he puts me on this high pedestal by kinda showing me off. What you think?


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  • Well, I think he likes you now. At the beginning, he probably wasn't looking for something serious. But seeing how he's putting effort into keeping in touch with you, he's most likely interested in you in a more than a friend way.

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