Why would my boyfriend choose his friend over his girlfriend during the holidays?

My boyfriend and I started dating at the end of October. Im 21 and he is 28. Every year my family and I take a trip to Dollywood the weekend after Thanksgiving. Last year he didn't come because our relationship was very new. He told me he couldn't wait till next year to go with us. We are very serious (Talking about marriage, etc.) and very much in love.

Now as the holidays are approaching we are discussing our plans. I just asked him if he was going to be able to come this year. He responds to me by saying his friends family got a beach house for the weekend and he invited him and his other roommates. This was 3 months ago and he didn't want to bring it up because he knew it would upset me. His friend is single and 28 years old too and I know that if he had a girlfriend he would invite her. Now he is saying that I haven't even brought up Dollywood and he's pissed that I'm upset because someone else invited him to go somewhere. He is saying that he can get Christmas shopping done when they go.

I love all of his friends. This friend of his always wants to do something with him. For example... This summer a group of us went on a cruise. It was a few couples and 3 single guys. He wanted to hang out with us and every time we would go out to the pool or to eat id be sitting and he would tell my boyfriend he saved a seat for him. Luckily my boyfriend chose to sit with me.

I never miss his family events nor do I choose my friends over him in these types of situations. We were long distance for the first few months of our relationship and I came home to visit every time he had something he wanted me to be his date.

Am I being petty over this? Why would my 28 year old boyfriend rather go to the beach with his friend and his family over a trip with me over Thanksgiving break? I don't mind him hanging out with his friends at all. But he is getting mad at me because I am upset over this. I have not told him not to go to the beach b


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  • I think he's being an ass and insensitive


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