How do some people date for like a week and then the next week they're boyfriend and gf?

This seems so common from what i've experienced from other people. Am I wrong?


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  • Lol nowadays if you ask someone out the assumption is you're an exclusive couple right away.

    • I've never been on more than two dates with the same girl, I've always thought to take the girl out for like 5 or 6 dates before asking about being bf/gf.

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    • I've always tried figuring out how the girls who work at McDonald's and walmart are mostly married. Lol priorities backwards I guess.

    • Least they're working.

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  • I think people want things fast these days. Thats food, career, money, and relationships etc. the problem is that they don't know enough about each other then, they end up disliking each other because they didn't take time to get to know each other.

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