Guys, Would you talk to a girl if you don't know her?

1st situation : if you're with your friends and then a pretty girl is walking pass by, will you go talk to her or you'll just keep talking to your friends?

2nd situation : if you're with your friends and then a pretty girl comes and asks for your number. Will you give her your number or not?

3rd : if you see a pretty girl sitting alone in a coffee shop, will you start talking to her?

4th : if a pretty girl is with her friends, will you go talk to her and ask for her number?


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  • 1st - It depends on the situation and where we were
    2nd - I'd be shocked and probably blush but I'd consider giving her my number and I'd want to talk a bit more with her first and get to know her a bit
    3rd - I don't know. Maybe say hi but she might be happy having some time to herself
    4th - Probably not. I'd be a bit shy in front of her friends and they'd probably all stop and stare and giggle.

    • 1st : like what?

    • Maybe if she smiled at me at looked a bit interested. And if my friends encouraged me lol

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  • 1st: Why would I just walk away from my friends to talk to ANYONE?

    2nd: Oh, of course, then I'd brag to my friends.

    3rd: It depends if I'm alone and how approachable she looks and what excuses I can come up with to not talk to her

    4th: Not really

  • 1st: Nope. I'd just take one glance and that'd be all.
    2nd: I'd ask for reason and nope I wouldn't give my number.
    3rd: Nope. If she's that pretty then I'd observe once.
    4th: Nope.

  • 1. I would but only if she signaled she was interested, I would not just randomly walk up to someone to talk to them because then I would ask myself "why do I care?"

    2. I would not give her my number. Are you fucking crazy? Would you give a random good looking guy your number? What if they don't stop texting you?

    3. No, I would. Unless she signals that she wan'ts to talk. I would just go up randomly because then that is an interruption.

    4. Would I just randomly ask her for her number? FUCK NO, because I haven't talked with her yet. I don't know if she is crazy.

    Would you do all of these things for men?

    • I mean in case that you would walk up and talk to her

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      @asker "How do you know that people don't call her a bit**"- THAT IS YOUR OWN BIAS because women are taught that men will approach them.

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      I need to be Xper2 first

  • No to all. I never go and talk to a girl I don't know.

    • Sorry, I thought all of them were about a guy approaching a girl. I would give the girl in the second situation my number if I considered her attractive.

    • You would never date a girl you don't know then?

    • Well, there's a reason why I'm still a virgin, I guess, ha ha! I would date a girl I don't know if she approached me, but I wouldn't approach her.

  • Yes I will speak with that women.

  • Maybe, Yes, Maybe, Probably not.

  • I would do all 4