Girls, So, ladies: "hanging out" vs "dating"?

I have an opinion on the subject already but I'll ask anyway.

If what I'm after is romantic in nature, how should I phrase my messages toward the woman I'm wanting to see (romantically)?

Let's hear it.

No opinions? Kind of need the help.


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  • I don't really understand what you're asking... How to make it seem like a date instead of just hanging out?

    Like the other answerer said, just flirt and make it clear you're interested. Don't ask if she wants to hang out, ask if she wants to do x thing on x day at x time. Don't ask to watch netflix, ask to go out someplace or go to some event. If it's possible, pick her up and don't meet her there. Pay for the date, don't split it. I'm not saying it has to be like that for your whole relationship, that wouldn't be fair. But that's how you make it clear it's a date and not hanging out.

    It also depends a lot on where you're starting. If you're already friends its harder to make it clear. If you don't really know her and say "Hey I had a really great time last time, do you want to xyz" it's a lot more clear that you're interested in dating and not being friends.

  • you just have to flirt... rather than say 'wanna hang out?'

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