How do I know if this guy has a crush on me?

There's this really nice guy who I sit near to in one of my college classes. He's asked for my phone number so he could text me and he wanted to take me to see some stuff in Portland since I'm fairly new here. I don't want him to be interested but I'd really like to be his friend. How do I tell if it's friendship or a crush?


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  • Do you talk regularly with him? A guy doesn't give his number to a girl he rarely talks, just sees, if he's not interested in something more than a friendship.
    You can ask him if he has a girlfriend, and if he asks you back, say no and that you're not interested in having a relationship, that'll let him know that he will only get a friendship with you, nothing more.


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  • He'll tell you eventually if he does

    • I'm just always afraid of giving guys the wrong impression. Like, "am i being too friendly? Is he gonna think I like him?"