I think I am obsessed. HELP?

I am going to try to keep this as short as possible. There is this girl I started liking about 6 months ago. She used to like me (for my looks and personality) but she got a little bored. We were kinda freinds for the next 3, 4 months and was always super nice and supportive of me. But recently, she got bored of me completely. She never says hi to me in the hallway anymore and we have one class together (doesn't sit next to me assigned seats) she never talks to me. She never is mean to me but just ignores me. She is very popular (cheer captain and student council) and gossipy. My issue is I am obsessed with her. I unconsciously gravitate to her and try to talk to her in the most awkward situations. I am conscious about this and don't know if she knows I like her. She isn't that warm with me like she was and I think about her almost constantly. I know that I don't have a chance with her and don't want to ask her out and just be denied and embarassed or even if she does say yes, I don't want to be an obsessive boyfreind into the future. This is so problematic for me. I really like her and know I have very little chance. I alter my path to class just to see her (I know pretty creepy). We are both seniors in high school so this isn't a middle school fling and it is a small school with way too much drama. Any advice for either overcoming my obsessiveness or getting her to like; preferably both? Anything would help. This is really putting a strain on my life.


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  • Look kid you deserve her more then anyone else dont ever say you don't. self confidence is the key to having a women remember that. secondly she isn't the only girl in the world there are literally more girls then guys so dont just settle for her. be smooth and cool keep saying hi to her and every other fine girl you see. if a girl sees you talking to other women then they will find you interesting.