Bad to hang out too much?

So I know this girl, but she made the first move, and now I see her almost everyday, we hang out all that, but were not boyfriend/girlfriend, were just friends, since we hang out everyday, sometimes, I feel like I'm losing her, or she's getting tired of me, so how do I stop this.?

Oh also, I asked her if I'm boring, she said I'm boring, because I know I am, but I was cool with it, because she kind of said "thats why I'm here" haha :D


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  • Well I guess you could ask her how to make yourself not so boring.

    • Its not that I'm worried about, its that shell get tired of me and never talk to me is what I'm scared of.

    • Well then that is her problem. You seem like a great guy. If she leaves you that is her problem.

    • Well that just sucks.

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