Nothing has come of my 5month long crush should I give up and pursue a relationship with a guy who is taking daily action to show affection toward me?

so this is a little complicated. in first semester a boy caught my eye (lets call him guyA) and there was immediate mutual attraction between guyA and i. im kinda pretty and so I've had quite a few guys confess feelings to me just in my past 6 months at this school. but because i liked guyA i always turned down other guys. guyA and i didn't talk the first 3 months of our attraction we just smiled at eachother and sometimes waved.

after 3 months 2nd semester started. and on the firstday of school the boy who sits next to me compleatly fell for me.. we shall call him guyB... guyB makes it OBVIOUS he likes me. guyB also always smiles to me and i would forcefully roll my eyes as a response i wanted him to know i wasn't interested.

back to guyA in 2nd semester guyA and i had some mutual friends so we talked quite a bit. but basically just as soon as guyA and i started to become buddies guyAs friend suddenly confessed to liking me!! NO WHY! ruined everything.. so because its guyAs friend. guy A backed away and won't talk to me anymore. he will only wave to me from a distance. this has been going on for 2 months where he isn't making any moves. I've tried to talk to him a few times. even once asking him to study with me in the library, but he acts as if talking to me is some sort of sin now becuase his friend likes me.

All the while guyB is making all the moves and is growing on me. like we had a feild trip to an amusement park and we needed to stay with our classes so guyB made the situation into a date basically. i was acting aloof to every advance he made but at the end of the day i had a lot of fun with guyB. and he also takes a lot of initiative to look out for me or take care of me in some way. he pays attention if i look lost in class he steps in and just helps me. or if i grab my stomach becuase im hungry he offers me a snack. all without me ever saying anything. so i feel like just throug these small actions he is weaseling his way into my heart.

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  • I really doubt anything is gonna happen with Guy A, if you like spending time with guy B I think you should give him a chance, but if you dont feel that way about him then just move on.

    • but thing is i haven't really given guyB a chance yet. so i could have feeling for him if i let the feeling inhave for guyA go...

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  • Give up on the crush.
    Don't get with guy B if you don't feel the same.

    • but its like how do i then make him leave me alone.

      today in class we had actually had the topic of what kind of people you have intrest in dating. he looked at me kinda bashfull and said 'pretty girls' and i just sarcastically was like 'yeah me too' but then i went on to describe the compleate opposite of him.

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    • No, just do it. If he says no, then you can give a reason for him to leave you alone and it will be a little easier to move on.

    • okay ill give it one last go wth him. if i get a chance to talk to him alone i will say it

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  • Start fresh and find someone new altogether. You should date a guy you really like and likes you back.

    • yeah it sounds good thanks. until now I've never dated a guy that i liked first. it has always been he liked me and asked me out so we dated and then i liked them.