No guys approach me in college?

Okay so I'm a bit shy but I act like an extrovert so people can't really see my shyness... Lol I was super ugly in middle school but in my junior year in higgschool i blossomed and became more attractive that's when people started being more nice to me, complimenting me and getting asked out. I am super nice and friendly with everybody. I got asked out by football players and even the nerds but ever since I went to college it's like maybe 1 or 2 boys who get to know me will try to date me. lol. I'm 5'1 I have long real black hair, I have brown skin, nice thick arched eyebrows and I'm 104lbs, and I cheerlead and dance. I am really smart and don't drink, party, I'm not loud I just don't understand lol it's like in college the ones who I'm not really attracted to are the ones who are really confident and approach me but the ones who I like talk to me and stuff but don't like date approach me. Am I doing something wrong? I mean I'm friendly with everyone and smile in a non creepy way haha The guy I like well he teases me time from time and we talk in a friendly way we both smile at each other but he sends mixed signals like he'll walk in front of me with his hands in his pocket like I'm not there.. Lol He gets a little nervous when he talks to me I can tell sometimes like he may stutter and lean in but he's hard to read. But the guy I'm not that attracted to:/ walks up to me and speaks to me, asks for number and all of that lol Guys/Girls help me here haha why does this happen? Lol


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  • The REAL QUESTION IS, why don't you approach the men you want? We don't live in those times anymore were men are expected to approach, and when men do finally approach women like you ask, "why is it not the men I want?"- Translation, where is prince charming?

    • Like I said before I'm shy so it's hard for me lol I can't help it :/

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    • @asker so all you want in a man is job, fit, and that's it?

    • And good with kids and is friendly Lolol

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  • You do know the guys don't have to do everything right? Go up to the guys you like. Talk to them. Flirt with them. Drop hints. Take it into your own hands.

    • Yeah haha I know but like I said earlier I'm a little shy so it's hard for me.

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    • Yeah lol thanks! :)

    • No problem! Good luck! :)

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  • You're not doing anything wrong, but you need to give SOME signs to the guys you're attracted to. Otherwise, how would they know that they have to approach you?

    • Tell me what signs do you guys pick up?

    • Well... I'm personally very poor at picking signs. In general, just try flirting a bit, being slightly touchy, smiling a lot at them, playing with your hair etc. :)

  • I don't approach girls in college if I don't already know them pretty well. I did my freshman year, but so many girls are annoyed by guys trying to talk to them during the day that I just gave up on trying. Girls seem to have this really strict schedule about when they prefer to be approached. There are about 3 specific instances in which a girl wants to be approached and any guy who steps outside those bounds is to be shunned.

  • Do you go to parties and meet ppl? In class do you introduce yourself to people you're sitting near?

    • Yeah haha

    • Lol u go to a uni with shy guys! Seems like you are doing what you can really =/

    • My university is strict so lol maybe that could be it lol

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  • I'm only 16 years old, but I love learning new things and watching lactures and all these things- and few keys I found that help you be more approachable are:

    -smile a lot
    -be genuinely kind and sweet to everyone (you can never know who falls for you without you even knowing)
    -eye contact (is the most important one I think)
    -be flirty
    -be the best of you

    I hope I helped you somehow :P