Guys, do u still keep your ex's photos?

So my boyfriend still has his ex's photos in his computer. They were photos of the trips they went together. And it's not like he's trying to hide it or something, he was showing photos of his trips and came across his ex's pics. We did talk about each other's exes and he told me he broke up with her bcoz he realized he didn't love her and he felt bad for forcing himself for such a long time (1 year) and breaking her heart as she's a very nice girl. One day, i was joking about my photo he took and i asked him to delete it (coz it looked horrible XD), he said that what's his ex asked him to do - delete all her photos but he would never do that.
I believed him that he's over that relationship already but i was just wondering why would he keep the photos?


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  • Maybe he IS over the relationship, and that's the reason he prefers to keep her pictures. They don't affect him in any way.

    As for me... I deleted ALL pics of my ex within 24 hours of breaking up with her.

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