Help me out. I've never asked before?

I like this girl. We've hung out in groups and just last night we had a group of 5 go to a haunted house. She would say what do you think if I changed her hair and showed pics. She also said my name a lot in what do you think. Do you think she's flirting or interested in me? Since we were in a group how should I ask her out. I've never asked any one out before. What should I do?


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  • See where it goes with flirting first. It's a stage rather than an act, so if you see her flirting with you again (you'll feel it), just ask her out. If you don't like to do it in a group, which is my suggestion by the way, do it over text or over the phone. Just go like, "hi, how about we go on a date? *insert activity here* perhaps?" and you're done.

    • Thanks. That was my next question if it was ok to text her. How would you know if she was flirting.

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    • Thanks for the help. She would talk to me more and show me stuff and ask my opinion. We text all the time

    • It depends more on "how" rather than "more" though.