Is this fair? They resent me for THIS? Who is in the wrong?

My brother and younger sister resent me for living at home. They have problems with our older sister (because they felt like she ruined their childhood and that she is crazy) i do admit she has issues and is very depressive person. Our mother enables her. I live with them whily studying and working and i had a few debts but at that time i coudlnt mvoe out and felt it was unfair for me to go and move. It has been two years and my sis and bro keep shutting me out of activities, its like they are purposely trying to hurt my feelings and my brother helped my sister moving out but he didn't wanted to help me. He really resents me because he felt like i chose my sister side (older sister) t=instead of him growing up when in TRUTH i never chose anyone side and just didn't wanted them to fight. My younger sister also feels like that and hurts me on purpose. I feel like i dont have any family i can rely on and im on my own. I think they are just secretly jealous and want to hate me for nothing and dont want me to succeed in life.


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  • I'm not sure who is in the wrong. I think your brother and sister have chosen to watch each others back. Seems like the family is torn because your older sister is going through a stage of depression. you guys just need to communicate and reconnect again as a whole. Maybe that can happen over a discussion together, and allow everyone to be vocal about what is wrong and what needs mending. No arguments, just opinions and solutions.

    • Sounds easier as it is.

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    • its good that they have chosen eachother but they are doing it on purpose to hurt me

    • So what do you basically want? You want a caring brother and a little sister who doesn't use you and talk behind your back?